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September 9, 2013
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Mechanismon - Carel Rothenberg by lordmegi Mechanismon - Carel Rothenberg by lordmegi
Yet another character for :iconmechanismon:. Dashing hobos with bad luck and great voices. ...Welp, back to commissions now.
(No, I do not know how that weapon works.)

Name: Carel Rothenberg

Pokemon: Murkrow :iconmurkrow-plz:

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1

Rank: A :new:  

Level: 100 :new:

Type: :icondarktypeplz: / :iconflyingtypeplz:

Country: Cassus

Class: Bard

- Perish Song (egg move) :iconnormaltypeplz: - He sings a haunting, yet beautiful melody, which after a short period of time makes everyone who heard it loose consciousness.
- Wing Attack:iconflyingtypeplz: - His foe is struck with large, imposing wings spread wide to inflict damage.
- Quash :icondarktypeplz: - Carel
pins the target with a dark, arresting look, intimidating and freezing them in spot, not allowing them to move, thus easily surpassing their attack - they will be able to move as last.
- Sucker Punch:icondarktypeplz: - He draws close to his foe, and once in range, suddenly strikes. It throws his enemy off guard and he will always be first to attack.

Ability: Super Luck - An ability which does not appear in any part of his life other than battle - he can find his opponents weak points with surprising ease, exploiting them and heightening the damage.

- An old lute guitar.
- A modified sawed-off shotgun with three barrels. Old, but working. He keeps it under his coat.
- A black, falling apart top hat he found laying on the ground once.

Personality: Although he might appear rather intimidating at first, the effect is gone once the hat is off. Carel was born a kind soul, unfitting for the environment he had to live in. Calm and easy-going, rather than stealing your purse, he will help you get it back. Life hardened him however, and when the situation calls for it, the peacefulness around him can disappear. His more than horrible luck, ironic, considering his ability, made him somewhat resigned towards his fate - he learned to accept the unlucky events that follow him like a shadow without questions. As more than often despair befalls those around him, he tends to keep to himself, never staying in one place for too long, as not to cause misfortune. At least it's what he tells himself - Murkrows are considered a bad omen, and the general opinion mixed with his own paranoia, made him somewhat of a lone wolf. However, it is a forced habit he learned through time, and being a social creature by nature, he will not say no to a good company when an opportunity presents itself.

Talents: Even though he was a soldier most of his life, Carel's primary talents are musical in nature - he has a wonderful tenor voice and is capable of playing on various instruments - the main one being a lute guitar, but he was also trained in piano. His vocal range allows him to mimic a variety of sounds, useful for entertainment and distractions as well as secret communications. As a nocturnal creature, he feels quite well in the dark, his eyes allowing him to see through the shadows. His officer training made him into a good strategist, able to fall under as well as exact discipline when times call for it. Well informed in the ways of Landermacht, he could prove to be a valuable source when it comes to information about said country. His upbringing gifted him a bit of flourish when speaking, and so he possesses a more elaborate vocabulary than one could expect from someone in his state. Trained in firearms.

Weaknesses: His less than healthy lifestyle did not leave him with a very sturdy body - though once hardened, the lack of warm meals starts showings it's tell-tale signs. It left a strain on his endurance, and though he flies well, he is not able to cover long distances - starving will do that to you. Once well fed and groomed his capabilities will grow considerably. Being born a bird comes with it's disadvantages - mainly in form of rocks, thunder and blizzards. Unless given a warm coat he will freeze solid before the winter passes. His appearance does not make him the best choice for a prom night date - though it wasn't always the case, he tends to avoid those more well off, feeling uncomfortable in their presence. The death warrant on his head in Landermacht successfully excludes the region from his travels.

Background: Carel was born into a rich family, one belonging to Landermacht's top social caste. His father, an Altaria named Dominik Rothenberg, was a businessman enjoying the company of Merhlin's finest, having fought tooth and nail to make his place in the corrupted aristocracy. Not a bad man, simply misguided, he was fueled by the goal to prove himself. Being gifted a son, as soon as the little Murkrow said his first word, he started ensuring his future - military was a perfect choice for a family of their renown, ensuring their place not only in business but also in politics. The boy though wanted to be an artist - he inherited his parents musical talents, the genes strong, although not awakened in his father. Dominik decided to douse them at their roots, and so Carel grew, surrounded by tutors, history and politics, doing all the activities popular amongst peers his age. His mother, Frida, saw his true wishes, and being unable to sway her husband's will, decided to teach the boy herself - singing and piano, she was Carel's only mentor.
She could not stop the process though, and as soon as the Murkrow hit the right age, he was enrolled into the military. Thanks to his father's connections, as well as his own talents, he quickly grew in ranks, having been announced an officer at the tender age of 21. The grand future was not painted in the colors of pink though, as Landermacht's realities were everything but noble. In charge of his own people, he was given tasks, ranging from protection of the public to stifling the uprisings that sometimes broke out in the less-than-pleased parts of the huge country. He grew tired through the years of service, encountering things he was neither accustomed, nor prepared to see. Not made out of the same clay as his fellow countrymen were, he could not understand how they were not revolted by the things they had to do. It was during one of such situations he had enough - his squad was a part of forces sent to stifle a commotion in the poorest district of Merhlin - it was a comb-out, getting rid of the vermin, as well as sending a warning to the rest - killing two birds with one stone. Women and children, elderly, ridden with illnesses and starved, were all to be eliminated. An order was an order, and the deed had to be done. He refused to be a part of it, and neither capable of stopping it or following the instructions, he ran. He did not know what happened of the people under his command, he did not know if he compromised his family's position amongst the Landermacht's elite and at the time did not care - all that mattered was getting out of the cursed country, and so he breached the borders of Cassus.
Guilt-ridden, he traveled through the illusion-coated land and does so until now. A price on his head, he could never again set foot in his motherland, nor contact his family. However, as bad as his situation was, he found a certain freedom in the new status fate had given him. Free of obligations, he could travel wherever he wanted, doing what he was destined to do - music. Sure, the conditions could be better, sure, he could use a warm meal, but, for the first time in a long while, he was happy. Now he lives a life of an entertainer and a traveler, exploring the vast areas of the world of Orbis.

- His nails are naturally black color - he does not paint them.
- Possess a subtle German accent, which grows stronger the more agitated he is.
- The black markings around his eyes are by no means natural - it's make up, showing his status of an entertainer (and making his dirty appearance look planned... in theory.)
- His left boot is literally falling apart - thus, the bandages.
- Shaves when he can, but most of these days he will sport a short stubble.
- The only parts of his body kept in top condition are his wings - he grooms them often, the feathers silky and smooth in touch.
- He wears his old officer coat, however it in such a state than an unknowing eye wouldn't be able to guess it's origins. When asked, he will tell you it was found during one of his travels.
- Silent as a grave about his past, he avoids the topic like a fire.
- Nor does he talks about his inherited, although admittedly suppressed, kleptomania - that man loves all things shiny, and only years of training keep him from getting his hands on the various items he finds to his taste. A true Murkrow until the very end.
- Has a legendary appetite.
- Tends to sing a lot of Disney. He makes a fine princess.

Personal Quote:
"A song? But of course... just tell me... are you eating zat?"

Theme song: Blind Guardian - The Bards Song
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sorrowscall Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014
*gives him like three riceballs* Here, I know the feels of not getting to eat alot man. ;_;
lordmegi Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Student General Artist
Please do not feed the animals :ninja:
Nemara-Lovestring Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Suha: *spots Carel playing and walks up to watch him play with a smile, resting her jaw in her hands when she sits down*

*flies into the sunset*
lordmegi Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Student General Artist
Carel: Was playing on the square of some lesser known Cassusian city, one close enough to the border of Landermacht that visitors from said country were not a strange sight to behold. In the middle of an epic ballad titled 'Ahab the Sihirian', he did not pay much attention to his listeners, focused instead on keeping in persona and doing sound effects, which efficiently rose the song's appeal.  "-Snuck around the corner and into the tent he went. There he saw Fatima laying on a Zebstrika skin rug-" he looked up, only to see a familiar red-head amongst the small audience. His eyes widened in alarm, thankfully shadowed by the old, worn hat he kept on wearing, smile wavering momentarily as he recognised the famed Commanding Officer of Landermacht's Air Fleet. "-Wearing rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, and a bone in her nose ho, ho!" He finished the verse in a slightly weaker voice, doing his best to mask the sudden nervousness. What a lucky day it was, for a deserter to see a former fellow-in-arms. Hopefully he looked rough enough to remain unrecognizable from the WANTED posters plastered just few miles away.

Shhhshshhhshh. I apologize for any spelling mistakes, I don't have spellcheck installed on this computer, cries.
Nemara-Lovestring Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Suha: Fortunately for Carel, she didn't recognize him from the hat but she did note of the musician's nervousness. Curious, she scooted closer to peer at the musician in case if he felt that the crowd was too much. Many bards had that trouble of stage fright, yet... She clapped when the song had come to an end, smile present before pawing around herself to retrieve coin from her pocket. Well, it wasn't much to her but for him it probably meant a lot more. "Play another, would you?" She asked in a kind voice, offering the coin to Carel. "I would like to hear another, if you can." Soft-spoken as usual in her casual attire, she seemed genuinely sincere. She minded little to wanted posters - it wasn't her job anymore, after all.

shhh Im worse probably. Much worse. I havent been able to RP lately so Im rusty //rolls away
lordmegi Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Student General Artist
Carel: Unfortunately for Suha, her actions only resulted in making the bird feel ever more nervous, a fact he desperately tried to hide in order to remain incospicuous. It wouldn't do him much good to keep sweating like a dog now, would it? Good call Carel, work hard and keep your real identity hidden, maybe you will live to see another day that way. Such were the thoughts running around the bard's head, and the mental preoccupation turned him oblivious to her requests. As the last of her words finally reached his ears, he blinked slowly, coming back to Earth after a brief indisposition. "...Vat?" He mustered out dumbly, before reality of the situation hit him full force and he snapped his head to look at the woman so fast, that a rather uncomfortable 'crack' could be heard from his protesting bones. He winced and rose his hand to rub the back of his neck, desperately fighting to not let it meet his face instead. Way to go Carel, way to go. "-Ah, my deepest apologies. It zeems I am out of it today a bit, ja?" He chuckled nervously, unconciously dragging the tip of his hat a bit further down his face, to hide it better from view. "Vat would you like to hear, m'lady?" He mustered up a smile, while mentally reassuring himself that everything would turn out alright - a fool's hope, with his infamous luck.

shhhhhh //strokes :iconlazeplz:
Nemara-Lovestring Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Suha: Uncertain of what the issue may of been, she generally overlooked wanted posters and had been focusing more onto the air fleet - but if it were the wanted posters of him, she'd pretend to be oblivious. At hearing his response she smiled more so. "An understandable dilemma. And... if you could play something I can hum to, I would appreciate that. I simply would like to hear you play another." Fiddling with the coin in her fingers, she dropped it within his range before scooting herself further away to lean back with eyes closed to wait for him to start playing once more.

sdfghjkl carel can just play all the disney songs i s2g lOL //hides also suha is a bad sub leader ffft
lordmegi Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Carel: He briefly considered making a run for it, but in the end dropped the idea - she didn't seem to have any antagonizing intentions as of yet but what if.... what if she just tried to make him feel comfortable around her, then strike when his guard was down? His eyes widening at the paranoiac thought, he quickly stole a glance at the relaxing sub-leader before staring down at his guitar, considering his options. He would play her game... for now. Perhaps she would get bored of him and go in peace, and if not, there was nothing a good Perish Song could not fix- no. He shook his head, biting his lip. She showed no ill will, what kind of man was he to resort to violence with no evidence to back it up? Out of the question, he would keep it as his very last resort. Nodding slightly, while going through an internal turmoil, outside he seemed as if he was thinking very hard about the choice of his next song. Absent-mindedly pulling at the strings, the melody of 'Phony King of Landermacht' sprung from his fingers, and he quickly quieted the notes once he realized what he was about to sing - certainly not a good choice considering the company, oh no. Covering his slight mishap, he begun a cheerful melody, doing his very best impression of cassusian accent and putting on a playful smile. "Ma chere Mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you today. And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair as I proudly introduce - your place of stay!" He sung, clearly turning it into a musical commercial of the country they were in. "Be our guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test. Tie your napkin 'round your neck, cherie, and we'll provide the rest. Soup du jour, hot hors d'oeuvres - why, we only live to serve! Try the grey stuff, it's delicious~! Don't believe me? Ask the circus! They can sing, they can dance! After all, Miss, it's not strange - entertainment here is never second best~ Go on, unfold your hands, take a glance and then you'll... be our guest! Oui, our guest - be our guest!"

All of the other songs were love songs so, there XDD
Hawst-r Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sobs omg he is the most perfect hobo ♥♥
lordmegi Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Student General Artist
No, he is a disney princess.
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