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Mechanismon - Move Tutor - Imo Al-Harthi by lordmegi Mechanismon - Move Tutor - Imo Al-Harthi by lordmegi
And the first one to start the long line of NPCs... more to come soon, probably. Still gotta work out a journal to explain what's even going on, kill me.

Name: Imo Al-Harthi

Pokemon: Uxie :iconuxieplz:

Age: ??? (appears elderly, because of his skin and voice - certainly past 50.)

Gender: Male

Rank: SA

Level: 100

Type: :iconpsychictypeplz:

Country: Operates all over Orbis.

Position: Move Tutor - All those who wish to learn specific moves otherwise not accessible by TMs, can visit Imo and ask for his guidance.

- Yawn :iconnormaltypeplz: - He lets loose a huge yawn that lulls the target into falling asleep. More often than not the attack is used accidentaly and he too follows suit.
- Rest :iconpsychictypeplz: - He falls into a nice, refreshing nap that helps him regenerate and quickly restore his energy.
- Sleep Talk :iconnormaltypeplz: - A restless sleeper, while asleep he moves as if he were awake, using random attacks and even dodging.
- Future Sight :iconpsychictypeplz: - The jewels on his person glow bright red. After a little bit of time passes, the wind blows strong and a sphere of powerful psychic energy comes out of nowhere, striking the opponent.
- Energy Ball :icongrasstypeplz: - He draws power from nature and fires a poweful ball of energy at the target. This attack may penetrate target's Special Defense and efficiently lower it.

Ability: Levitate - He is able to hover above the ground at will, making him immune to all earth-based attacks.

- A metal mask which covers his disfigured face.
- Sets of golden bracelets around his wrists and ankle.
- A turban with a red jewel, capable of channelling his mind eye and energy.

Personality: A mellow fellow, he rarely shows signs of any existing motivation - calm and lazy, he wanders around the world of Orbis at his own, slow pace. A pacifist by nature, it takes quite a bit to rile him up - anger, he lacks. However, as everyone, he too has a breaking point - one, which you do not want to see if the stories are to be believed (and Aalem has quite a few). He spends most of his time sleeping, and if not in the land of dreams, he will surely be trying to reach it - mortal plane is such a boring place after all. An easy-going kind of man, he is fond of children and those who seek to better themselves. As a neutral party, he does not judge one's roots, and if knowledge is what you seek, knowledge you shall get.

Talents: Much more laid-back than his siblings, he focuses more on his defence, than offensive. As a psychic type, his power of will is great allowing such fancy tricks as telekinesis or... teleportation - he seems to have no problem with this one, and it's his main source of transportation around the world of Orbis (or avoiding conflicts). As the literal Being of Knowledge, his grasp of things is rivalled by none - perhaps, only by Arceus itself. Sometimes, he has visions of the future.
- :icondarktypeplz: Affinity - He has knowledge of the dark crafts and is capable of unleashing small curses, binding spells and such.
- :iconnormaltypeplz: Affinity - He was blessed with good health (quire ironic, considering the state of his face) and gets rarely sick. Knows spells capable of speeding up his regeneration processes for a brief amount of time.

- Spirit Travel -  Imo's spirit can leave his body without dying, and return at will. The physical shape is left frozen, in a state of deep sleep - it's his greatest weakness as well, as having no control over his body it is left vulnerable. As just a soul he gains a sense of freedom - he can freely fly wherever he wants unseen, passing through wall of objects, a ghost in every sense of the word - he cannot physically affect the world around himself though, only appear in the mind of others if he wishes so. The farther he travels from his body the weaker the connection gets, efficiently limiting the range of his spiritual journeys.

- Mind Eye - Centuries without physical sight gave him a lot of time to train his mind one - he can 'see' auras, allowing him to create a map of his surroundings in his head. As it is, he is capable of performing much like back when he wasn't blind. Still, faces and such are blurry at best, and to make out clearer features touch is required.

Weaknesses: His body is surprisingly sturdy, in both physical and psychic sense - perhaps due to the hardships he endured through his long years. The same cannot be said for his attacks, and any punch performed by Imo is no miracle - it is rather sad, really. When turning to offensive he prefers the use of his tails than the feeble muscles in his arms - but even they leave a lot to be desired. When in a spirit mode, his body is left unresponsive and vulnerable. His dependence on psychic powers, such as to see for example, is also a weakness of sorts - were it to be cut, he is hopeless. Scared of bugs.

Background: Imo's story starts a long, long time ago, way before the first records of men. Created by Arceus alongside his siblings, he was appointed as the bringer of knowledge to the stumbling creatures that wandered the lands of Orbis. The legends say that wherever he appeared, solutions to all kinds of problems followed in his step, making him quite a welcome sight amongst the people. He never was the one to brag, never used his powers in a way that could possibly destroy his self-appointed neutrality - a firm belief, he always stood by. Quietly he gathered knowledge and helped those in need, living calmly in the waters of the Mirage Lake, a place he and his siblings called home. Noone knows how much time passed by, as days are nothing to those who lived forever - it was then though, when the tension amongst the legendaries grew fierce, soon erupting into a full-blown conflict - one that dearly affected everyone not included in the battles. Lands burning, destruction and misery, he had no idea just how much impact it would leave on his life. As the Being of Knowledge, the one who literally knew everything, he was a sought out man between the two main parties of the conflict - each one seeking information that could potentially tip the scales to their favour. He tried to avoid them, mind his own business but eventually he too ran out of luck - cornered, he was threatened to share his wisdom, something he obviously refused, as it went against everything he believed in. He managed to get away alive, althought not unscathed - his face would be forever left horribly disfigured, the malicious attacks leaving the flesh scarred and taking away his sight - and one of his greatest powers at the same time. When an Uxie opened it's eyes, they would wipe the memory of everyone who looked into them - an action he took in order to save his life, but his attempts were met with a less than positive reaction. It ultimately failed, and ever since he wore a mask on his face, hiding it from the world. Eventually the war ended, and everything slowly started to pick itself up - the lands reflourished, the people rose again, but the conflict would forever leave it's mark on Orbis, in the shape of a desolation called 'No Man's Land', where no life could possibly survive. He started to travel, going back to his roots - bringing help and observing, absorbing the ever-expanding knowledge. He saw kingdoms rise and fall, beginnings and deaths of those he had met, but he remained as the non-changing stable pillar, a wandering scholar each generation could seek out. It was around five centuries ago, when he carelessly wandered into a criminal territory, his feet guiding him and not his mind, as the man was asleep. Captured, out of surprise rathen than overpowering, he decided to play along as he was curious (and simply teleporting would not be much entertaining now, would it?). He was treated harshly, but not brutally - the people were suspicious, his mage-like garb not bringing him much trust - although in Sihir they held some respect, they were generally a secluded bunch, considered helpful but not trustworthy. Soon the thugs called for their boss, who quickly unleashed a verbal lashing at the heads of his subordinates after one look at their captive - an Uxie, who meant no harm to the world (and an old man at that). The moment he saw the man's face, he was struck with a vision of the things to come, the country these lands would become and the person the boy would become. He decided to guide the thief, and much, much later, the Ninetales would take the name of Aalem el-Amin. He was his mentor, awakening the then hidden gift of magic and contributed greatly to what Sihir is today. Presently, he still wanders around Orbis, mentoring those who wish to learn, be it when awake or asleep.

- Can fall asleep if standing in one place for too long.
- When dissatisfied with his students progress, he has a bad habit of slapping the back of their heads with his tails.
- Held in such a high regard by Aalem, that the fox does not curse him for operating outside of Sihir.
- His face is badly scarred, and so not to disturb any onlookers, he wears a mask.
- He and his siblings are known as Guardians of the Mirage Lake.
- Although he appears elderly, he is actually the youngest sibling.
- Rarely ever walks, prefers to float instead.
- The mask renders him expressionless, and it's hard to figure out what he's thinking about.

Personal Quote:

Theme song: Bastille - Sleepsong
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iinov8 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014


I love this design!

awesome job! : D

lordmegi Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
Thank you! :heart:
Greg-M Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this guy is so bloody cool,

ive been watchin mechanismon for a while now but this has pushed me to the point where i just have to join.
lordmegi Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
Haha, thanks! :heart:
Always seeking out new members uvu Glad Imo had such an effect on you!
Gates-of-Time Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
Vwery nice design, you and your clothes *sobs*
lordmegi Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
Thank you darling XD :heart:
Nemara-Lovestring Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Holy shiiii I am sad that my internet disconnected otherwise I would have tried to watch the completion of him ;A; He's so coooool. schemes further on joining hhh
lordmegi Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
Well, I had to cut the stream early since it was dying every 30 seconds or so XD You didn't really miss out.
Just join already! >:U
Nemara-Lovestring Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhh guess so, then. |D

I need to lineart everything and color my app-- the rest is a cakewalk given that I already did it :iconlazycryplz:
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lordmegi Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
You shall soon know the secrets of 'Yawn'. :ninja:
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