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January 16, 2013
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Pokemon Gijinkas - Sachi by lordmegi Pokemon Gijinkas - Sachi by lordmegi
A character for :iconpokemon-ginjinkasrp:

The one who, unlike Aram, just won't shut up.

Evolution ----> [link]

Name: Sachi

Pokemon: Skitty :iconskittyplz:

Age: 19 (but looks 17)

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2"

Rank: Hyper :new:

Level: 50 :new:

Type: Normal

Region: Tarqua

Class: Lady Thief Merchant

- Covet:iconnormaltypeplz: - She endearingly approaches her target, then steals an item she became interested in.
- Charm:iconnormaltypeplz: - The target is charmed by her cute appeal and becomes less wary and his/her attack is harshly lowered. Great for business and getting out of fights unharmed.
- Double-Edge:iconnormaltypeplz: - A reckless, health-risking tackle. She is hit by a fairy large amount of recoil hoverer, so she uses it as her last resort.
- Sing:iconnormaltypeplz: - She sings a beautiful, hypnotizing melody, which puts her target to sleep.

- Cute Charm - Contact with her may cause infatuation. It does not mean everyone will fall in love with her just like that, simply are...very taken with her. She uses this abillity to get away with her ridiculously high prices and manipulate people.

- A bell attached to her bow and a ribbon wrapped around her tail.

Markings: None.

Personality: Sassy, hyperactive, cheerful and friendly, don't give this girl any sugar. She does not know what personal space is, nor does she cares. Like a true cat she is, Sachi does what she wants, and you can't stop her. She loses her attention quickly and may appear rather ditzy, but underneath that she is a cunning little beast. She WILL rob you of your money.

Talents: She is small and agille - speed is her strongest point. Not born a fighter, she will either run away from her opponent or charm other people to fight for her. Her cute appearance makes people understimate her, but if pushed to the edge, she can pack quite a punch. Even though she's a merchant, she doesn't turn her nose on stealing, as her father was a Liepard. He certainly taught his little girl some of his favourite tricks. She is suprisingly an expert climber.

Weaknesses: Her defenses lack, and she is not very sturdy. Mobile things, even her own tail, effectively distract her, making her lose her attention.

Background: As the only child, she is a jewel in her father's eye. She had a kind childhood and got a proper education. Her family was nor poor, nor very wealthy. Her father, a Liepard, was a thief, turned to the way of good when beaten to a pulp by her mother, a merchant, after an attempt to steal from her cart. Bleeding on the ground, he understood that she was the love of his life and proposed as soon as he could walk again. Sachi grew up surrounded with love and aspired to follow her mother's footsteps since she was 6.

- She has a bad habit of chasing her own tail. Or other people's tails. Or shiny things. If it moves, it has to be caught. Do not be suprised if something unexpectedly latches to your back.
- The items she sells are things she either picks up or steals herself. Do not question their origins. All are pretty good quality though.
- She has very good manners.
- She always keeps her eyes closed. But when she does actually open them, you can tell things will turn bad VERY quickly.
- Noone knows just how many things she stores under that cape.

Personal Quote:
"What do you mean it's overpriced? Nyahahahaha!"
"Potential Customer!"

Theme Song: Abba - Money, Money, Money
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TVPrince Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
AAA SHES SO ADORABLE ;vvv; <333 i rly rly love her design too eep ;ww;

Yates: *He spotted the new shop, taking at peek at the items on display.* Hmm. . . doesn't seem like much. . . *he smirked a little, glancing up to grin at Sachi.*
lordmegi Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Sob sob thank you ;___;

Sachi: *she turned around when she heard the steps and brightened instantly* Potential custome- *she paused, taking in his comment* ....-t. What?! *she bristled, the fur on her tail puffing up, making it two times bigger in a typical Skitty fashion* Not much?! How dare you! Only the best of the best at Sachi's shop! *she poked his chest with a finger, 'glaring' up at him with a scowl on her face. It was hard to tell as her eyes were closed* Who are you to badmouth Sachi's goods?!
TVPrince Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
of course hun!! ;vvv;

Yates: *He laughed at her anger, not taking her seriously as he nudged her finger away with his shoulder.* A well-traveled entertainer. *he smirked.* And I don't think you've got your best on display. *he claimed proudly.*
lordmegi Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Student General Artist
Sachi: *she folded her arms, cheeks puffing out in anger* They are the very best! You have no taste, Mister Well-traveled Entertainer! *she said, pouting slightly. Who did this man think he was?*
TVPrince Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yates: *He laughed loudly.* No taste? Well, I beg to differ, kitty-cat. *he smirked, enjoying the reaction he was getting out of her.*
Maraqua Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
She's so cute >3<
lordmegi Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you darling! uvu <3
Maraqua Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem hon!
Zero8426 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
She is adorable ^^
lordmegi Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you! uvu <3<3
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